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About Gift Ideas
Welcome, dear gift-enthusiast!
Whether you like to give gifts or to receive them (or maybe both =)), you’ve landed at the right place.Gifti.us is the first stop shop for anyone in search for an original gift idea or willing to share his or her secrets of successful gift-giving.
So here is our fancy “Sign up” button waiting for your click and all ready to take you down the waves of “gifti” ideas, advice, friendly comments, popular articles, lively images, and tons of other useful “gifti”-stuff.
After you have created your account with gifti.us (that was not at all too hard, wasn’t it ;-)), you can go ahead and browse our website for either an event/occasion or a gift idea you need. You can enter your query into the search field to get the specific results, or use our advanced search fields to specify your search request.
Well, if you are not sure about what you are looking for (this can happen to anyone), try browsing our left sidebar on the home page. You can look through occasions, expressions, or types of gift ideas, and this should draw a pretty straightforward direction of your search.
Now if you haven’t found the only right gift variant for your most special one, it’s high time to turn to our gift-specialists’ community for some personalized help and advice. You’ll find “Create Event” menu item in the top navigation bar right next to “My Profile” tab. Add the title of your event, some extra information like date of the event, expression and type of the gift, describe your situation in short or give some hints about the personality of the gift-recipient, type some tags into the relevant field – and you are all set to receive our expertise and some real juicy tips.
Well, now if you have looked through the events created by other users and you’ve got something to share – an idea or a comment – you are very-very welcome to do so. If you have come up with an exciting gift idea (or maybe not so exciting, but rather suitable for the event) – click on the “Add idea” field in the right sidebar of the relevant event-page. Seeing is believing, you know, so be sure to upload an image of your suggested gift (just browse Google Images or Flickr, for instance) and add some description or explanation to your tip.
Commenting an event is even easier – there is a comment-field below every event description on the relevant page and you can also reply on the chosen comment by other users simply by clicking “reply” link.
And don’t forget to rate gift ideas – otherwise how should we know which one is the best? =) Besides, you are getting Karma scores when your gift idea is appreciated by others.
So now, knowing all of what you’ve just read above (thanx for patience, by the way), you are fully equipped and geared to start your “gifti” journey! You don’t need a guide anymore, however some extra cash would be of use =)
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