Ipad Accessories

If he's got an Ipad, some cool junk like a case or whatever will go fine

Ipad 3G

Well, if your dad hasn't got it yet, would be a great idea

Magnetic Dartboard

nice way to kill some time during boring parties.. or just to spend some quality time with your dad!

Personalized Flash Drive

I once got it for my dad - he just loved it. He travels a lot and keeps most important files on it and loves to pull it out of his pocket and show off in front of colleagues!

Fancy Martini Shaker

Fancy Martini Shaker - makes a home mini-bar look posh.

Backyard Hammock

A nice relaxing backyard hammock

Money Clip

looks pretty useful to me. Wrap it nicely and send it via mail - your dad's gonna like it!

Live Green Commitment Card

You can make the so-called "live green" commitment cards - each will be different, but all centered around this "live green" idea, and distribute them among your friends. They will need to follow the "commitment" written on their card for the whole next year :-)

Small House Plant

Get some small house plants in pots - some cute cacti or whatever, you can even take a tip cutting off your plants at home and plant them into smaller pots. This will probably be more time consuming, but your girlfriends will definitely appreciate your time and efforts!