Are you interested in a career with AWS? Learn the Whys and Hows of AWS Careers

In 2011, the era when Cloud was a rising star in the IT market, job postings for engineers and professionals with experience working with Amazon Web Services have increased by more than 1500%. Cloud services and resources have been used by billions of people worldwide for almost a decade. The Indian IT market has seen steady adoption of Cloud services and a shortage of skilled workers. Although the demand for skills has been increasing rapidly over the years and the market has grown rapidly, the supply has increased at a very slow rate. This presents a huge opportunity to professionals looking to advance their careers and job seekers who want to adopt Cloud and nurture these skills.
The following Whys and Hows can be helpful if you are interested in AWS Careers.

Why 1 – The Robust Cloud Market
According to market research studies by various journals and organizations published by different journals and organizations, Cloud spending from both the service provider’s side and the customer’s side will continue increasing. Gartner specifically highlighted India as a country that is experiencing strong growth in Cloud sector. They also predicted India to be one the fastest growing countries in their Cloud forecast.
Gartner, Zinnov, and the Wall Street Journal all predicted a robust cloud market over the next few year. Zinnov also stated that India’s total Cloud spending would exceed 20 billion dollars by 2020. In 2016, the three Cloud Computing Giants, AWS, Azure, and GCP spent tens to billions of dollars to expand their Cloud reach worldwide. This trend will continue for the next few years. This market growth has increased investor confidence to invest in Cloud-based start-ups, which has led to a dramatic increase in opportunities for Cloud skills.

Why 2 – High Demand and Low Supply = Huge Opportunities
Cloud skills are more relevant to today’s market due to strong market trends in Cloud Spending. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), and Microsoft, there are approximately 14 million Cloud Computing jobs. The number of jobs in AWS and Azure has increased dramatically over the past few years. Wanted Analytics reported that there are approximately 18.2 million Cloud Computing-related jobs worldwide today.
India has over 2,000,000 jobs related to Cloud Computing skills. This is third to China and USA, with 7 Million and 3 million openings respectively. The market is becoming increasingly obsolete as IT innovation continues to grow. Zinnov pointed out that 25% of Global IT Talent will become obsolete in the next 3 to 5 years. EMC also stated that it would be difficult to close these positions because of a lack of skilled professionals. Not surprisingly, these skills were virtually non-existent a decade back.

Why 3 – The Digital Transformation Trends in Businesses
One might wonder if Cloud adoption is causing multiple organizational changes and that Cloud would not suit their new organizational needs. This misconception has resulted in a lot of misnomers about Cloud adoption. Cloud would reduce the effort required to perform a job role and would encourage organizational focus on automation, which would in turn lead to the creation of new opportunities. You should always be looking for opportunities in digitization within the organization that would allow you to improve your skills.
According to a Human Resources Research, 41% of IT professionals believe their organization will be ready for Digital Transformation within the next two years. This gives them time to develop skills and become part the transformation. 29% of IT professionals would consider the digital transformation their primary focus. This includes senior IT professionals as well as junior m.