Being Loveless on Valentines Day

Weeks from now it is going to be Valentines Day. For those who have someone to spend it with, it is their most awaited day to express their love and care. For some who have none, it is their saddest day.

Well, it will be sad for some but for others who know how to spend this day, it could be spent equally happy with those who have someone by their side.

Being loveless on Valentines Day is not the end of your life. You do not have to be in bed all day and night or feel bad for being single.

In fact, you can celebrate your being single on this day. Moreover, showing your love and care to someone is not a one day thing. It should not manifest on this day alone.

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate single hood on Valentines Day.

• You do not have to spend a dime on a gift
• You do not have to fall in line or wait for your turn at your favorite restaurant
• You are not obliged to give someone something
• You can avoid the Valentine rush at the malls
• You can relax and feel no pressure of having to get out

Valentines Day is not just for lovers. It is also a celebration of filial or platonic relationships. Loveless or not, you have all the right to celebrate or not to celebrate Valentines Day.

About author: 

Jean is a web content writer for a Los Angeles law firm who loves reading or cooking during her spare time.