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Birthday Gift
dinner buffet treat
you can treat your friend to a dinner buffet. since she’s skinny, she can eat all she wants. 🙂
soccer gear
you can give your cousin his own set of soccer gear.
Birthday Ideas for a Cousin turning 14- Unique gift for Boy on Birthday to say “Let’s Party”
My cousin will be celebrating his birthday next month. He’ll be 14. My relatives asked me if I can also help with the preparations of his birthday party. But I also don’t have any idea on what to do. I also don’t know what to give him.What I know about him is that he plays soccer and listens to Jazz music.Help me with ideas please? I’ll be very grateful! Thanks!
Birthday gift for 3-year-old nephew- Personalized gift for Kid on Birthday to say “I Love You”
My 3-year-old nephew just celebrated his birthday on Friday, July 10. We had a great time with his birthday party when relatives and friends came. But I didn’t have a gift for him yet because my pay day will on Wednesday next week. I promised him I would give him a gift that he would love. But I don’t know what to give him, I was thinking of giving him a toy since he loves to have Transformers cars and robots and he’s also into watching educational videos of Barney. But I also don’t want the gift to add to his toy collection.Personalized Birthday Gift – Sentimental gift for Dad on Birthday to say “”
My family wants to celebrate our father’s birthday by giving him a sentimental and personalized birthday present. Does anyone have suggestions as for what we could get him?
Our budget is $100-200, and we have just two weeks left to accomplish this.
Birthday Present for a boss- Inspirational gift for Him on Birthday to say “Thank You”
I am working in a University and I have this colleague friend who’s boss will be celebrating his birthday by the end of this month. He is the Dean of the College of Law. Her boss is very cool and down to earth, out of the unexpected Deans in Colleges, who are tough and strict. She’s been asking us for suggestions, also her friends what to give him. please help. thnx
Starbucks Gift Certificate
Gift Card
Gift Card loaded with money credits
My cousin's celebrating his 7th birthday-gift foron Birthday to say “”
A cousin of mine is celebrating his 7th birthday. Actually, he’s the youngest in our family and so everyone is kinda excited about his birthday party. Hope you can help me find a cool gift for this cool dude.