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Book wiht Easter Prayers for Kids
Easter Basket for a Little Guy- Humorous gift for Boy to say “Cheer Up”
Hey all,
my friend invited me over to her place on Easter week-end. I kinda decided already what I’ll be getting for her, but I’m don’t really know what to give to her son. He’s a cute boy, almost 2 years old.. A basket full of just candy is not an option really, I want something more useful.. well, for a two-year old at least :))
Theme party! -soccer theme

you can have a them party and you can have soccer as the theme or maybe a formal party will also do.
soccer gear
you can give your cousin his own set of soccer gear.
emergency kits

you can give him emergency kits that he can bring with him when he goes outdoors and on his soccer games.
Birthday Ideas for a Cousin turning 14- Unique gift for Boy on Birthday to say “Let’s Party”
My cousin will be celebrating his birthday next month. He’ll be 14. My relatives asked me if I can also help with the preparations of his birthday party. But I also don’t have any idea on what to do. I also don’t know what to give him.What I know about him is that he plays soccer and listens to Jazz music.Help me with ideas please? I’ll be very grateful! Thanks!
A box of assorted cookies and brownies
you can give your friend a box of assorted cookies and brownies; expressing your sincere apology through food. 🙂 its the classic way yet still the most effective way of saying you’re sorry.
I am sorry and I miss you my friend VICKY- Sentimental gift for Boy to say “I’m Sorry”
I am sorry and I miss you my friend VICKY
Washable Paint Set
Washable Paint Set
Color and Size Matching Toys
Color and Size Matching Toys