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Christmas is celebrated throughout the Christian population, but is also celebrated by many non-Christians as a secular, cultural festival.
Did you know that before it was used as a “kiss encourager” during the Christmas season, mistletoe had long been considered to have magic powers by Celtic and Teutonic peoples? It was said to have the ability to heal wounds and increase fertility. Celts hung mistletoe in their homes in order to bring themselves good luck and ward off evil spirits.
Ipad Accessories
If he’s got an Ipad, some cool junk like a case or whatever will go fine
Ipad 3G
Well, if your dad hasn’t got it yet, would be a great idea
Fancy Stylish Gift for Father- Fashionable gift for Dad on Father’s Day to say “Congratulations”
Please help!!need to get something for my dad, a fancy-dancy saucy stylish guy who’s not even thinking of retirement and is always on top and wants to know/have everything that is currently on top and in.. wow! what are your suggestions?
Magnetic Dartboard
nice way to kill some time during boring parties.. or just to spend some quality time with your dad!
Need Father's Day Gift Idea – Affordable!!- Humorous gift for Dad on Father’s Day to say “Congratulations”
hey, I’ve just got out of school and spent way too much money on other stuffi need to get something for my dad, but don’t have too much cash leftwhat is a cheap but still nice gift to a dad? i mean not cheap but rather affordable, yeah…
Personalized Flash Drive
I once got it for my dad – he just loved it. He travels a lot and keeps most important files on it and loves to pull it out of his pocket and show off in front of colleagues!
Father's Day – A Gift To Remember- Inspirational gift for Dad on Father’s Day to say “Thinking of You”
Hey all,I’d love to ask about the really-really best gifts for dads that you have ever managed to come up with. Either big or small, expensive or affordable, hand-made perhaps… whateverIt’s sooo hard to shop for dads and you always want your gift to be the most special, year in year out
Fancy Martini Shaker
Fancy Martini Shaker – makes a home mini-bar look posh.
Backyard Hammock
A nice relaxing backyard hammock
Money Clip
looks pretty useful to me. Wrap it nicely and send it via mail – your dad’s gonna like it!