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Christmas in the Philippines
Every year on the 25th of December comes a special holiday for Christians all around the world known as Christmas. This special holiday is to commemorate the birth of the central figure of Christianity, Jesus. In the Philippines, Christmas is one of the biggest holidays of the year and is distinctly known as the country that celebrates the longest period of Christmas. Every country has their own way of celebrating holidays around the year and Christmas is a holiday celebrated with joy and happiness all around the world.In the Philippines Christmas parties are quite popular and are basically all about singing, dancing, food and drinks. Some parties also have activities like a skit or a play and others often have a firework display to celebrate this special day. Another important Christmas tradition in the Philippines is the Misa de Gallo which is about the nine-day dawn Masses starting on December the 16th. These nine days are basically about special devotion to God, privately or publically, in order to get special graces. Going to the Mass is meant to show the devotion one has for God and popular belief is that after going to the Mass for nine days a wish made by them will be granted by God.In the Philippines Christmas Eve is celebrated on the evening of 24th of December with the Midnight Mass followed by a Christmas feast. The Christmas feast is celebrated amongst family and loved ones. In the Philippines the main items for the feast are usually a hot chocolate drink, Christmas ham and queso de bola which are balls of cheese. Christmas day is all about family and visiting ones extended family to pay their respects. Christmas lunch is another special feast depending on the financial position of each family and is followed by spending time with the family, opening gifts Philippines. and the singing of christmas carols. Parol, or star lanterns, are a special decoration used on this day along with the traditional Christmas lights and Christmas trees.Though Christmas is all about family sometimes our responsibility and jobs do not allow us to be present with our loved ones we can let our loved ones know that they are special by sendinggifts to Philippines or sending flowers through some of the best Philippines flower shops. These small, but special gifts let our loved ones know that no matter how far away they are they are still being missed.Some Philippines flower shops offer special Christmas flower arrangements and can be ordered online. These websites guarantee fresh, fertile and fragrant flowers upon delivery. What else could bring a great big smile on your loved ones face other than a bunch of beautiful flowers with your name across it? By taking advantage of such services one can place an order within a couple of minutes from their own home. This special holiday is all about showing love and care towards your family and through online services you can do show these special feelings regardless which country in the world you are.