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"You're the Best" Trophy
“You’re the Best” Trophy
Casual Jacket
Casual Jacket
Personalized Easel
Personalized Easel
Celebration Wine
Celebration Wine
Newspaper or Magazine Feature
Newspaper or Magazine Feature (of the successful exhibit)
Congratulatory Gift for an Artist-gift for Him to say “Congratulations”
My friend has an on-going exhibit of his paintings in an art gallery in our town. His exhibit ran for a month and it has been very successful so far. July 12 is the last day of his exhibit and there will be a thank you party to celebrate the success of this venture. I know my friend really worked hard to make this a very successful exhibit and so I wanted to give him a gift to let him know how proud I am of him for this accomplishment. What kind of gift do you think would appeal to an artist like my friend, a male who is in his early thirties?
The Champs!- Inspirational gift for Him on Graduation to say “Congratulations”
Two guys I have known in town have been working so hard to achieving a black belt in Martial arts, and finally soon this June both Greg & Gabriel will be granted their1st Step to Stardom- A Black Belt holder in Judo and Aikido respectively. Our group would like to form greetings of congratulations for both boys, what can you suggest? tnx much for the help.
Gift for Cousin Who Just Passed the Nursing Board-gift for Girl to say “Congratulations”
My cousin recently passed the nursing board exams and we’re having a get together next week to celebrate this achievement. I still haven’t decided on a congratulatory gift for her. I want my gift to be different since there will be a lot of members in our family who would also be giving her gifts. Hope you could be me think of unique ideas for my dear cousin who just officially became a registered nurse.