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Crazy for You
A+Dress his Senses
Just an idea how to look amazing, besides costume =)
Trixie and Speed
I’m sure your bf will find you stunning in this 🙂
Something Coooool! for Halloween- Fashionable gift for Girl to say “Crazy for You”
Hey all! This Halloween I’m going to a party with my new boyfriend. And yeah, I’d love to stun him with my looks!! Cause all these costumes are so boring usually and I just have to look my stunning best. Please help with your ideas..
Big Valentines Day Card for Boyfriened- Romantic gift for Him on Valentines Day to say “Crazy for You”
I am making a card for my boyfriend. I need help doing it. I sewed all the way around a piece of poster board with pink thread by hand. I am not sure how to tie a knot in the thread close enough to the card to keep it there? Also, I want to make it unique and very special. I love him with all my heart and we’ve talked about marriage a lot. Its not going to happen for a couple years because he’s 16 and I’m almost 19, but when he’s ready. I want this card to have different things in it. I wrote a note on a piece of lined paper and taped it onto a piece of red paper.I Love You Greeting Card and Chocolates
I Love You Greeting Card and Chocolates
Elegant Journal and Writing Pen
Elegant Journal and Writing Pen
Silver Bracelet
Surprise your special girl with a silver bracelet on your first date.
Serenade Her During Your Romantic Dinner
Serenade Her During Your Romantic Dinner
Stuffed Toy
For your first date, give your girl a stuffed toy, preferably her favorite animal or her favorite cartoon character.
Bouquet of Her Favorite Flower
Bouquet of Your Girl’s Favorite Flower