Disaster Recovery Service for VMware Datacenters Utilizes AWS Cloud

OneCloud Software today announced a new service for VMware-based environments that uses Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS cloud as a virtual disaster restoration datacenter).
OneCloud Recovery is unique because it offers “built-in cloud cost optimization,” which lowers costs. OneCloud, a Boston-based hybrid cloud management specialist, said that its solution includes: auto-discovery and connection to VMware’s vSphere virtualization platform; a simplified engine that provides recovery points and recovery time ranges between one and 24 hours; failback that only brings modified application data back from an AWS disaster recovery location.
According to the company, customers don’t need to be experts or knowledgeable about AWS to use its service. Customers are only required to specify the recovery policies that they wish to have provisioned.
According to the company, disaster recovery has been a major challenge for IT departments. “Despite the introduction of server virtualization and other technologies which have simplified DR implementation and some aspects that are ongoing management, it is still a complex and expensive undertaking.”
[Click on the image to see a larger version.] OneCloud Disaster Recovery (source : OneCloud). Other solutions have been developed to address this major challenge using AWS cloud. CloudVelox is one example of a service that uses public cloud services, including AWS, to provide high availability.
Others target VMware-based datacenters. Emind, for example, announced in February that it had created a “first-of-its kind DR service” that allows VMware users to recover their virtual machines from AWS. The company stated that there had not been a way for the two giants of cloud platforms to communicate until now. “There are very few cloud options available for VMware users, and none of them leverage AWS as the world’s most popular cloud platform.”
Zerto also uses AWS for on-premises Disaster Recovery. It provides “continuous replication” of production workloads from VMWare or Microsoft environments to AWS. This allows for more options for disaster recovery.
HotLink offers a DR Express service. It provides a “simple VMware Ready plug-in that extends administration capabilities to include backup, replication and DR/BC at AWS.”
AWS offers a Management Portal to vCenter, VMware’s centralized management platform for vSphere. AWS states that once installed, it allows you to migrate VMware VMs from vCenter to Amazon EC2 or manage AWS resources from within vCenter. AWS also offers its own disaster recovery services to support implementations on its cloud.
OneCloud announced that its new service is now available and will be on display at the VMworld conference in San Francisco.