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Fancy Stylish Gift for Father- Fashionable gift for Dad on Father’s Day to say “Congratulations”
Please help!!need to get something for my dad, a fancy-dancy saucy stylish guy who’s not even thinking of retirement and is always on top and wants to know/have everything that is currently on top and in.. wow! what are your suggestions?
Need Father's Day Gift Idea – Affordable!!- Humorous gift for Dad on Father’s Day to say “Congratulations”
hey, I’ve just got out of school and spent way too much money on other stuffi need to get something for my dad, but don’t have too much cash leftwhat is a cheap but still nice gift to a dad? i mean not cheap but rather affordable, yeah…
Father's Day – A Gift To Remember- Inspirational gift for Dad on Father’s Day to say “Thinking of You”
Hey all,I’d love to ask about the really-really best gifts for dads that you have ever managed to come up with. Either big or small, expensive or affordable, hand-made perhaps… whateverIt’s sooo hard to shop for dads and you always want your gift to be the most special, year in year out
Father's Day – Gift from Son- Humorous gift for Dad on Father’s Day to say “Congratulations”
Hey,here comes Father’s Day and I need to get a gift for my dad. see I’m a good son and all that stuff, but I moved away a while ago and we kinda don’t talk much and allI’m thinking of something useful for an active guy as my dad who just retired. i know it’s tough to pick something useful if you don’t talk to each other and dont really know what’s going on and stuff..well any ideas from you guys?
World Environment Day Party- Wacky gift for Her to say “Let’s Party”
Hello Everybody,me and a couple of my girlfriends are throwing a party this weekend – the theme is World Environment Day! We are gonna have fun, play some games and do some funny quizzes.I also wanna surprise my friends and bring some tokens or really small gifts that would go as prizes in our small contests.I would really appreciate any of your advice about these small but cute things that would also have some connection with the general theme of the party – World Environment Day.Thank you Mucho!!
Gift to a Couple – Culture-Neutral- Personalized gift for Couple to say “Thank You”
Dear Friends,we would like to ask for your opinion or advice on what to give to a couple who we have recently befriended. They are young people, newly-weds so to say, and very-very sweet. They come from a different culture and unfortunately we do not know all the aspects about gift giving and the appropriateness of different gifts as seen by them. What would be a nice gift for them as we are invited to dine at their house? Something rather neutral but still expressing our appreciation and sincere friendship?Thank you
Easter Basket for a Little Guy- Humorous gift for Boy to say “Cheer Up”
Hey all,
my friend invited me over to her place on Easter week-end. I kinda decided already what I’ll be getting for her, but I’m don’t really know what to give to her son. He’s a cute boy, almost 2 years old.. A basket full of just candy is not an option really, I want something more useful.. well, for a two-year old at least :))
Easter Gift to Bf's Mom- Spiritual gift for Her to say “Thank You”
I’ve been going out with my boyfriend for almost two years and I met his mom several months ago. She was extremely nice to me and especially since now we’ve been spending so much time together with my bf, we will be over for Easter at his home. I don’t know what to give to his mom.. I mean I could get a nice Easter basket for her, but just wanted to ask you guys about some other ideas suitable for this. His mom is a devout Christian and lives by spirit and bf said that Easter is one of their favorite family holidays. Please help..
St. Patricks Day – what's it all about?- Cosmopolitan gift for a Family to say “Congratulations”
hey guys, what you think of this St. Patrick’s Day, like, say I’m not irish or anything.. What do I do on this day? How do you guys celebrate it? I mean I know it’s fun and stuff, green and beer..
A Gift Expressing Love – Personalized gift for Him on Valentines Day to say “I Love You”
It’s actually the first St. Valentine’s when I’m not hard up and can spend more on a gift for my husband. But I really don’t know what I would like him to have or what he wants to have. And I don’t know if he wants me to spend so much money on it.. Any ideas? I’ll be very grateful!