Get the latest Microsoft Security Certifications to improve your IT Security skills

Cloud technology adoption and dependence by businesses is increasing. This makes it more important to ensure compliance and security through a comprehensive security solution. Innovation cannot take flight without meeting the security requirements. This puts the spotlight on cybersecurity professionals who have the skills and credentials necessary to protect our systems, networks, business-critical data, and other information.
The struggle to fill this security skills gap is not over. The estimated shortage of 3.5 million security professionals by 2021 will be a problem for businesses going through the difficult process of digital transformation. This is why Microsoft constantly revises and expands its certification portfolio in order to prepare users and enterprises for the modern business challenges.

The Four Key Areas of Security Opportunity
Microsoft, a tech leader, launches a wide range of security certifications in four key security areas.
Identity and Access Management: This course prepares security professionals to manage access and identity controls in order to prevent serious breaches.
Information Protection: This allows security personnel to protect company records and other sensitive information from theft or misuse, including security concerns concerning employees.
Threat Protection: This program equips IT security personnel to remain on guard and be aware about the latest threats. It also identifies attackers before any serious damage is done.
Security Management: This allows security professionals to manage and run a centralized security operation center (SOC), which includes advanced monitoring tools and data processing.
Each of these opportunity areas is based on a role, and the four new certifications correspond.

Microsoft Security Certifications Just Launched
Microsoft’s new Security Certifications have been launched. They cover all the important security areas and are specific to job roles, regardless of your current skill level.
Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect: Exam SC 100
Microsoft Security Operations Analyst: Exam SC 200
Exam sc 300 Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator
Microsoft Information Protection Administrator: SC-405
Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Foundations: Exam SC900
Let’s take a deep dive into each of the new Microsoft Security Certifications to find out what they require, who they are for, their measured skills, and much more!
1.Exam SC100: Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect
Audience Profile: The Cybersecurity Architect designs a Zero Trust strategy for architecture and data security, including access management strategies, data, identity, and infrastructure. The cybersecurity architect also evaluates Governance risk Compliance (GRC), technical strategies, and security operations strategies.
Skills acquired: The Cybersecurity Architect has the ability to develop and evolve a cybersecurity strategy that protects an organization’s mission, business processes, and all aspects of its enterprise architecture.
2.Exam SC200: Microsoft Security Operations Analyst
Audience Profile: A security operations analyst works with internal stakeholders to mitigate risks and protect information systems. They help to remediate attacks and suggest improvements in security practices. They also report violations to the designated stakeholders.
Skills acquired: A Microsoft Security Operations Analyst can investigate, detect and respond to potential threats using Azure Defender and Microsoft Azure Sentinel. They can also use third-party security products.

3.Exam SC300: Microsoft Identity & Access Administrator
Audience Profile: An identity and access administrator is responsible for designing, implementing, monitoring, and reporting on an organization’s identity management system using Azure AD (Active Directory). This profile also has responsibility for authorizing access to enterprise apps and ensuring secure authentication.
Skills acquired: A Microsoft Identity Administrator can plan, execute, and manage an identity management solution, authentication solution, and strategy. These security professionals are skilled in managing Azure Active Directory and access management for apps.
4.Exam SC400: Microsoft Information Protection Administrator
Audience Profile: The Information Protection Administrator plans, implements, and executes controls to meet compliance needs of an organisation. These professionals work with IT personnel, business app owners, compliance officers, security officers, and other security officers to ensure compliance. They also help to formulate security policies for an enterprise.