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Girl Power
Party shoes
An overnight bag
New Pair of Wedges
Give your friend a new pair of wedges. I’m sure she’ll tell you that’s just what she needs.
Barney-themed party
your niece can have her first celebration with a Barney-themed party with a Barney mascot! :p that would be fun. 🙂
Ipod Nano with camera
You can give her the new model of iPod Nano which now has a built-in camera and a more polished look. It’s more than a music player for her.
Best Friend's Birthday Next Month- Fashionable gift for Her on Birthday to say “Girl Power”
My best friend’s birthday is coming up next month. She just came to our city last month too and she just lost her mp3 player. Now, she’s looking into Ipods and I was thinking of spending too much for her since we haven’t seen each other for a long time. We were looking at a Gadget shop and she had a lot of gadgets that she planned to buy so I was thinking of maybe of just getting an Ipod for her. But I was also thinking of some other gifts to buy for her too. Please share your ideas. She’s also into shoes and bags and she loves to travel, if that would help. Thanks!
Colorful and Fun Party
A colorful and fun party.
B-day Dress
A cute B-day dress.
B'day gift for one year old baby girl- Healthy gift for Girl on Birthday to say “Girl Power”
My friend is very excited for her baby girl’s upcoming one year old Birthday party. She is asking for help to the celebration,she dont know what to do first coz this is her first baby.
Make Up Set
Make Up Set