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Polaroid Camera
Polaroid Camera
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USA Souvenir Shirts
Gift for Girlfriend's Visiting Parents-gift foronto say “”
My girlfriend’s parents are visiting the US next week and they’ll be staying here for about 3 weeks. This would be their first time in the country and so I want to make this trip a memorable one for them. Aside from showing them around, I also want to give them a gift which they could bring back with them to Hong Kong. Any ideas?
Best Engagement Ring-gift for Her to say “I Love You”
Hi guys. Well, I’m planning to propose to my girlfriend this year and as early as now, I’m saving up for her ring. I heard that there are a lot of cuts when it comes to rings like princess cut, round etc. What’s the best cut that would be perfect for the ring? And what kind of material would be the best also? For example, white gold, platinum, gold, etc. This is for the engagement ring just to make it clear, this is not the wedding ring. Thanks.
Chat With Your Girlfriend on Valentine's Day
Spend Valentine’s Day chatting with your girlfriend who’s away. That way, she’ll know you’re still by her side even though she’s away.
Heart Locket Bracelet
Heart Locket BraceletGive this to your loved one as a symbol of your commitment and promise to keep him/her happy. As a peace offering, the heart locket is a sign of your heart’s surrender and willingness to start anew.
Lingerie as a gift?-gift for Her on Valentines Day to say “”
I’m thinking of giving my girlfrienda lingerie this Valentine’s Day. Do you think it’s okay? Or is it something offensive?
Sweets as Peace Offering
Sweets as Peace Offering. Get one of your ladylove’s favorite chocolate and give that to her as a peace offering.
I'm Sorry Card
I’m Sorry Card – themost sincere peace offering you can give your ladylove