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Party shoes
Barney-themed party
your niece can have her first celebration with a Barney-themed party with a Barney mascot! :p that would be fun. 🙂
Cute and Comfy Bedtime Slippers
Colorful and Fun Party
A colorful and fun party.
Silver Necklace with pendant name.
A silver necklace for a great mom to be.
A Mother's photo frame
A cute photo frame would be nice.
B-day Dress
A cute B-day dress.
B'day gift for one year old baby girl- Healthy gift for Girl on Birthday to say “Girl Power”
My friend is very excited for her baby girl’s upcoming one year old Birthday party. She is asking for help to the celebration,she dont know what to do first coz this is her first baby.
Some Cosmetic Stuff for Her
Some cosmetic stuff for a mommy-to-be will be highly appreciated. Perhaps something against stretchmarks or some belly elasticity oil. A perfect gift for a woman who will soon give birth to a baby.
A B'day gift for my Pregnant Friend- Healthy gift for Her on Birthday to say “Cheer Up”
Hi all, I have a good friend who is about to give birth to a baby boy next month and so they are all busy buying stuff for the baby. She is having her birthday in a couple of days and I would like to give something specially for her. Although all her thoughts are about motherhood and her baby, I still want her to remember that she is a very special person herself. I need some tips about what to give to a mother-to-be =)