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Welcome Mat
A welcome mat with an eye-catching design would make a nice housewarming gift.
Decorative Candles
Puts R in Relaxation.
Bedsheets and Pillow Cases
Have a relaxing sleep with these plush pillow cases and bed sheets.
Lampshades always add coziness to a house. Perfect for housewarming parties.
My Neighbor's Housewarming Party-gift for Her to say “”
My neighbor invited me to her housewarming party and I thought that it would be nice if I give them something to put in their new house. My neighbor is into the whole spa thing, as a matter of fact, her house looks like a spa. I want to stick to the theme of her house and I want something that would contribute to the whole spa thing that’s going on.
Fresh Flower Arrangement
A bunch of fresh flowers enhances the coziness of the housewhich makes it a great housewarming present.
Cleaning Materials
perfect gift for housewarming parties.
Wallclock and other House Decors
Perfect for housewarming parties.
Homemade Cake and a good Champagne
low budget? go for cakes and champagne!
A good housewarming gift for my childhood friend-gift forto say “”
My childhood friend would be having his housewarming party next year. Any suggestions? By the way, I only have a limited budget, around $30-$50.