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Project roadmap: Secret weapon or redundant artifact?
A project roadmap is one of the most useful documents that you can create to help you present your project in a strategic context. A project roadmap is different from other project artifacts. It shows not only what’s going on within your project but also how it fits into the larger picture. It’s the sizzle reel for your overall program, the origin story for your project, and the trailer to the sequels – all in one!
However, it is not clear what the purpose and definition of a project plan are. Is it a sales tool, or a reporting tool? It should be created before the project begins or should it evolve as the project progresses. Is it just a rollup of your Gantt charts? Is it your ace in the hole that makes it all work for your executive stakeholders or just a roll-up of your Gantt chart?
This article will help you to:
Your project should be presented succinctly to your steering committee.
Get executive sponsors to agree that your project is important
While you wrap up your project, sell the next phase of your program.
You can plot a course for your project management, program management, or portfolio management.
YES! Let’s get started!
This article explains.
What is a Project Roadmap?
Project Roadmap + Examples
Why is a Roadmap important?
Project Roadmap in 5 Steps
Template for Project Roadmap
Roadmapping in Your Process
Software for a Roadmap
What is a Project Roadmap?
“Put aside your ruddy Gantt charts and just give me the headlines.”
It’s not necessary that everyone involved in your project understand every detail of the project as you do. Sometimes, the most important thing people need to understand is the context of the project and how the pieces fit together. Your Gantt isn’t as colorful or detailed as you might think. They need to see your project roadmap.
A project roadmap is the essence of a project.
A project roadmap, in its most basic form is a summary of the context and impetus of your project in strategic terms. It is more about the “why” than the “how” and the “what”, and can be understood by anyone.
There is some confusion about what a project plan is. Some believe it’s a plan that you create before you start a project to ensure that the objectives are clear. It’s a tool you use to present high-level status throughout a project, such as to executive sponsors and steering committees. Others say it’s a document you use to pitch the next phase of your project.
These are all the same thing, I would argue. They have different goals at different stages of your project.
What is a project plan?
A project roadmap should contain the following at a minimum:
The project and program goals
A high-level project timeline and milestone view
A summary of the project deliverables and target outcomes
Related risks & dependencies
A project roadmap can be a single page or slide that gives an overview of the project’s path to its destination. But it could also include some other information to support the narrative. These could include:
The problem statement and/or hypothesis
The project approach is based on a synthesis of all the facts and insights.
The logic and reasoning behind how the activities will be combined to be effective.
A list of the key people on the project team, and a high-level resource planning plan
These are the steps that will be required to carry on the vision for greater success.
It might be necessary to create a detailed project plan.