How to Make Content Creation a Mandatory Part of Everybody’s Job (with Alexa alfonso, The Nerdery).

Galen Low is joined at The Nerdery by Alexa Alfonso (DPM Expert and Manager for Client Engagement). Alexa Alfonso was the Director of Growth at Crema and made content creation an integral part of her job. Listen to what she did, the challenges she faced and the impact it had on her team.
Interview Highlights
Alexa Alfonso, a digital project manager and marketer, is passionate about pushing the boundaries on the amount of knowledge and impact that a small group of talented people can make in the world. She was previously the Director of Growth at Crema and combined her organizational and emotional intelligence to lead her team’s mission to expand Crema’s presence and share its expertise. [1:07]
Alexa can be found outside of work cooking delicious meals, working out at the gym, swimming poolside with Spike, her rescue pit bull and husband, or hiking the hills around Phoenix. [1:28]
Alexa is one the original DPM Experts. She has many podcasts and articles with the Digital Project Manager. She also plays a leading part in the Mastering Digital Project Management course. [2:10]
Alexa babysat for a family in college. The husband owned an advertising agency. She worked in an animal shelter before she decided to not go to law school. The man approached her and asked if she would like to work for his company as a project manager and account manager. She said yes. [4:50]
Alexa met with the boss at Crema in 2015 and was appointed as the second project manager. It was a turning moment in her life. She received a lot of support, which helped her to grow in the realm of project management for digital, mobile, and software development. [6:39]
Alexa began to become more involved in account management and account growth over time. She was offered the opportunity to move into business development and sales. In 2018, she moved to that part of the business. [7:10]
Crema began investing in a marketing team in 2018. They hired a multi-media specialist as a marketing specialist and began to believe that even a small business can have an overarching department of marketing to drive new leads and grow their company. [8:09]
Alexa recently accepted a job at a new company, where she will be leading a team from Phoenix. [9:01]
Crema’s team had the opportunity to meet with Atomic Object in Michigan. They shared that their company had a blogging program where everyone had had to blog as part of their job. After thinking about how Crema could use it, the team decided to adapt it. [12:43]
Crema created a new program in six months and renamed it the Craft Content System. [13:53]
They launched a lunch alert in November 2020 where they introduced Craft Content System. It went very well. [14:42]
We wanted to create a platform that empowers people to share their knowledge.
Venture Lab is an internal innovation program that Alexa Alfonso Crema runs. [19:08]
Crema had a great working relationship with their craft team. They have a collaborative culture and that’s why they deliver the Lunch and Learn. [22:01]
Asana’s internal management team manages everything.
Alexa Alfonso In order to make content creation mandatory for everyone’s job, Crema has this idea: As long as an employee is at Crema for over six months, they will create two pieces per year. They didn’t require that anything be due by a specific date. [23:27]
Crema has these content marketing goals: They want to educate and inform their audience. They want to show the benefits of Crema.