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I Miss You
Mother’s day is celebrated as a national holiday in USA
Celebrating Mothers Day in Germany
Holiday Shopping with Kids
Thanksgiving for my Nieces- Inspirational gift for Her to say “I Miss You”
Hi all, I’ve been traveling a lot in the past couple of years and did not have much time for family reunions or anything. It’s been really hard to follow all family occasions, but especially difficult to stay in touch with little children. I have two nieces who were just babies when I left but who have grown up and don’t really know me at all. This year I’m going to celebrate Thanksgiving with my brother and his family and I’d really love to establish a new connection with the girls. I do love them very much and I’m very attached to them since I don’t have kids of my own.lipstick for colleague

you can give your former colleague a new lipstick or any cosmetic item. she might need it for her next job.
Last day of employment- Sentimental gift for Her to say “I Miss You”
My close office mate will soon be leaving/ resigning from our office because she will return to her Hometown where her family is there. We will be having a “Despedida Party” for her, I want to give her something sentimental and worth remembering. As of to date, i don’t know yet what to give.
"I Miss You"
She’ll surely love this gift.
Musical Stuff Toy
A musical stuff toy that surely get rid of loneliness.
Cute and comfy Sleepware
Birthday blow out- Sentimental gift for Her on Birthday to say “I Miss You”
My friend will celebrate her birthday on November and she’ll have a birthday blow out for her relatives and friends. Although it will be a great day to celebrate, it will be sad to know that she’ll also be leaving the country after a week. I want to help her on her birthday blow out and putting more personalized items on the venue and want to give her the most special gift or at least something that she’ll remember and bring when she leave the country. any suggestions please?