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I'm Sorry
A box of assorted cookies and brownies
you can give your friend a box of assorted cookies and brownies; expressing your sincere apology through food. 🙂 its the classic way yet still the most effective way of saying you’re sorry.
I am sorry and I miss you my friend VICKY- Sentimental gift for Boy to say “I’m Sorry”
I am sorry and I miss you my friend VICKY
Nice Get-Away with Dad
Plan for a Nice Get-Away with Dad to relive old memories and at the same time create new ones.
Framed Father and Daughter Picture
Framed Father and Daughter Picture
"Best Dad" T-shirt
This one would be worn by any dad with pride.
GIft for Daddy- Inspirational gift for Him on Father’s Day to say “I’m Sorry”
Mr. Rodriguez , the father of my best friend, Jerelyn ,is scheduled to have a vacation here in our place. They have’nt been together for more than 5 years now, since her dad was petitioned by her brother to live with him in Austria. She misses the companion of her daddy. who has been so affectionate and a fun loving daddy.Care Bear Stuff toy
Give him a Care Bear Stuff toy saying/printed “Im’ Sorry ” on it. Thatwould make him happy.
colorful underwear
Acolorful underwear saying sorry to a special friend or simple t-shirtsaying ” sorry” was printed on it.
White Tulips
Say sorry to your special someone by sending him / her a bouquet of white tulips.
'Im Sorry' cake
Express how you feel by giving someone a cake.