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Mothers Day in Thailand
New Year Flutes Set
Hey, I saw some of those sets at our local grocery store, they’re nice and the price is reasonable, and besides you could always personalize the sticker on the bottle for every family. They will be glad to get some champagne designed specially for them!
New Year Party – Some Inexpensive Tips- Inspirational gift for a Family on New Year to say “Congratulations”
Hey, after all these Christmas parties with my family I’m still invited to some NY parties with friends and their families. Unfortunately I don’t have much money left after all those major celebrations, but I’m sure there will be more gift-giving at those New Year parties. I need to come up with some reasonably priced gift items for friends and their families. Hopefully three sets of something as there will be three families there. Thank you guys for your help!
Holiday Shopping with Kids
Thanksgiving for my Nieces- Inspirational gift for Her to say “I Miss You”
Hi all, I’ve been traveling a lot in the past couple of years and did not have much time for family reunions or anything. It’s been really hard to follow all family occasions, but especially difficult to stay in touch with little children. I have two nieces who were just babies when I left but who have grown up and don’t really know me at all. This year I’m going to celebrate Thanksgiving with my brother and his family and I’d really love to establish a new connection with the girls. I do love them very much and I’m very attached to them since I don’t have kids of my own.High School Friends Get-together- Inspirational gift forto say “Cheer Up”
I just met my high school friend at the mall and she invited me for a get-together next week. It’s been months that I haven’t seen my friends and batch mates from my high school.and I want to give some contribution to our get together.
Bunch of Flowers for Her
maybe a bunch of flowers would just make her smile even for a day or two and she’ll remember how much you care for her as a really good friend. hope it works.
A Spa Clinic for relaxation.
Gift for a Stressed Friend- Inspirational gift for Her to say “Thinking of You”
My friend has been so stressed lately talking about how her boss was so meticulous about her tasks and really wanted quality work at a short period of time. I’ve already told her to relax and think about her dreams so she can divert her attention from work for a while. But I also think she needs more than that because I can also see it on her face that she’s getting zits and she looks so drain. So, I thought of giving her a special gift that would essentially inspire her again and give out her best on her work and not be affected by the comments of her boss.A New Pair of Black Shoes
You can give your friend a new pair of black shoes. He probably have worn out shoes now because of a number of practices that he had to attend. He would be more than happy to receive your gift especially that you know what exactly does he need for the event. 🙂