Installation of Microsoft Office 365 [VIDEO]

Corinne Hoisington is the Professor of Information Systems Technology at Central Virginia Community College.

Do your students have any questions about how to download Office to their Mac or PC?
Students who are learning Microsoft Office through MindTap/SAM will require the full version Microsoft Office 365 in order to complete SAM Projects. Your institution may already have this subscription plan available to students. The A1 plan only provides a limited online version of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It is not sufficient to support a college course that requires MindTap/SAM Projects.
Please feel free to share the following information in your syllabus with your students.
For Your Students
Let’s get started by downloading Microsoft 365, the new name for Office 365 to your Mac or PC. Your school may offer a subscription service that covers the cost for your Office product download. Microsoft 365 includes Office premium apps, which include the installed versions Word, Excel PowerPoint, Outlook, Outlook, and Access. Access can only be run on a computer. A Chromebook can’t install the full premium Office version because it is a browser-based device. Chromebooks can only access the limited online version of Office Web Apps. This allows for basic editing using office.com.
First, premium Microsoft Office 365 apps are compatible with Mac or PCs that meet the following specifications:
Minimum 4GB RAM memory
Minimum 2 GHz processor speed
For Office Suite of Apps installation, you need at least 3GB of hard drive space

Microsoft Office 365 Installation
Open a browser on a Mac or PC.
Open the web address office.com
If your school has an Office 365 subscription, sign in using your school’s email credentials (if not, skip to step 8).
Click the “Install Office” button and choose “Office 365 apps.”
Follow the instructions to install Office.
During the installation, do not disconnect from the Internet.
To confirm that Microsoft Office 365 apps have been successfully installed, open Microsoft Word on your computer.
If your school does not provide a Microsoft Office 365 paid subscription for students, visit: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/buy/compare-all-microsoft-365-products?&activetab=1NOTE: For $6.99 a month, you can purchase a Microsoft 365 monthly plan for the number of months remaining in your course. This subscription option includes all of the Office suite.

This video shows you how to access and install Microsoft 365 locally.

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