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Let's Party
World Environment Day Party- Wacky gift for Her to say “Let’s Party”
Hello Everybody,me and a couple of my girlfriends are throwing a party this weekend – the theme is World Environment Day! We are gonna have fun, play some games and do some funny quizzes.I also wanna surprise my friends and bring some tokens or really small gifts that would go as prizes in our small contests.I would really appreciate any of your advice about these small but cute things that would also have some connection with the general theme of the party – World Environment Day.Thank you Mucho!!
Frugal ideas for coming Christmas- Unique gift for a Family on Christmas to say “Let’s Party”
Hi all, it’s season of saving so I want to listen to your frugal ideas. Once I think out making ecards, firstly I do a collection of picture and wish words on the Internet, then use PowerPoint to make a slideshow, at last convert the PowerPoint into Flash animation with some PPT2Flash tools. I think people recieved my ecard via email are surprised and proud of me, but it seems that they took no interest in this idea. Christmas is coming soon so I really need your help to make my friend notice me. many thanks in advance.
Fake fire basket
Zombie Road Sign
Halloween Party for Creepy Grown-ups- Geeky gift for a Family to say “Let’s Party”
Hi, we are kicking Halloween party at our place this year and I wanna impress my friends with some really cool decorations and effects. There will be grown-ups as well as kids at the party, so I’d like to keep all of them interested in the event. And of course I’d appreciate some money-saving tips for the party decor, preferably something home-made =)
Girl Halloween Make-Up
this kit is sure to make every girl the Queen of Halloween =) It really cheap, you can order it here http://www.halloweentips.net/deluxe-girl-halloween-make
Halloween!!! for my sissy- Fashionable gift for Girl to say “Let’s Party”
Hey everybody! Halloween is here soon!!! I wanna make a surprise gift to my young cousin. I don’t see her much as our families live in different cities. And we’ve never celebrated Halloween together, but this year we are gonna do this and I will be doing this whole organizational stuff. I’m gonna get lots of stuff for the party and so on, but still I’d love to make a nice surprise for my sissy, who is looking forward to this day. Just don’t have much to spend on this. Any ideas?
dinner buffet treat
you can treat your friend to a dinner buffet. since she’s skinny, she can eat all she wants. 🙂
Theme party! -soccer theme

you can have a them party and you can have soccer as the theme or maybe a formal party will also do.
soccer gear
you can give your cousin his own set of soccer gear.