Management Plans: What Are the Requirements for a Management Plan?

The PMBOK defines a project as a temporary undertaking with a beginning or end. This creates a unique product or service, which you can also learn about in the online PMP training. Five process groups are part of a project, as well as ten knowledge areas related to project management. Let’s first remember what the Project Management Plan was before we define the requirements management plan.
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The project management plan process is part of the project planning. It is also the second step in the project integration process after the development of the project charter. The purpose of the project plan is to establish the framework for project planning.

Project Management plan includes a series of plans, and requirements management plan one of them. We will be discussing the role of requirements management plan in project management in this article.
Management Plans: What are the Requirements Management Plans?
The requirements management plan is a guideline that explains how to manage, evaluate, and control requirements according to the PMP certification course. Customers are the most important source of requirements. All stakeholders will give their inputs about their expectations of the project. Even though all stakeholders and customers may propose requirements for the project after evaluations, it is possible that not all requirements will be approved in the project scope. This is the purpose of requirements management.

Requirements management plans are part of the scope management plan because they define what will be delivered during the project. The scope and objectives of a project are defined by the requirements.
What is the best practice for a great requirements management plan?
A requirement management plan describes how requirements are identified, managed, and controlled. During project planning and initiation, there might be multiple requirements from different stakeholders. Some of these requirements may not be possible or conflict with each other.

A great requirements management plan is only possible if all requirements are considered. During project execution, it’s checked that the requirements have been met with the project deliverables. A requirement traceability matrix, for example, is a way to track which requirement was met with which deliverable.
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