Monday.com Time Tracking

monday.com, a visual work management tool, allows teams to plan, organize and track their work from a single platform. It is easy to set up and use for many users, including software developers, sales, marketing, HR, IT, business operations, and software development. Teams can achieve greater efficiency and productivity with features like task management, project tracking, or automation. Users often wonder if monday.com has time tracking capabilities.
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Why is monday.com important for time tracking?
Project Time Tracking in monday.com: Benefits
Top monday.com Time Tracking Integrations
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Why is monday.com important for time tracking?
Monday.com is used by companies and teams for project management and other business operations. Different teams record the time spent on tasks, activities and work phases. They can then look back at time reports to see actual data, compare with planned values and identify areas for improvement.
Users on the Enterprise and Pro plans can use monday.com to track their time. By adding a time tracking column to each work item, group, and board, teams can track their time. They can also view the details of each item’s time in the Activity Log. Monday time tracking allows users to choose to display time up until the second, manually edit the time interval entries, track time of subtasks and export time data into Excel.

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Project Time Tracking in monday.com: Benefits
Time tracking software measures how much time is spent on a task or work item. It can be used for project management, payroll, billing, and invoicing. Individual task tracking measures the time that a user spends on a task. Team tracking measures the time that a team spends on each task. Project tracking is the measurement of the time that a team spends on each task within a project.
It offers many benefits when time tracking is automated and integrated into project management software.
Entry is faster
Accuracy of timesheets improved
Real-time time reports generated
Invoicing and billing can be simplified
This data can be used to improve resource allocation and process improvements
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Top monday.com Time Tracking Integrations
When users subscribe to Pro or Enterprise plans, they can access monday.com’s time tracking functionality. These plans are at the higher end pricing tiers of the software. Time tracking in monday can also be accessed via integration and browser extensions for users with other plans. Here’s a list with time tracking apps that integrate with monday.com.
Harvest is a time tracking app that includes invoicing. Monday.com integrates directly with Harvest so users can track time, expenses, monitor total team work, and create time-based reports. Users can track the status of a project and receive payments by sharing invoices with clients.
Only a few steps are required to integrate Harvest directly. Click on the monday.com integration button to select from the available apps. After selecting Harvest, users can choose from the available automation recipes. After connecting the accounts, users authenticate Harvest with login credentials and then set up automation by filling out the fields from Harvest.
Toggl Track
Toggl Track is time tracking software that can be used by individuals and businesses. It integrates directly with monday.com, allowing users to track time-based tasks or projects. Toggl Track provides flexible options for tracking.