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Mothers Day in Thailand
Thailand observes Mother’s Day on every 12th of August. The Thai celebrate their beloved queen’s birthday every year on this day. They regard Her Majesty as the Mother of the land. This is because her generous nature and caring attitude towards the needy subjects. Thai people consider their queen as their mother and participate whole heartedly in all such celebrations. Since 1976, they have been celebrating their Mother’s day with no pause or delay. Queen has won hearts of her people due to her unconditional support and efforts for the well being of her nation.Her people also acknowledge her love, feelings and services for them. In order to show their feedback, weeks before the Queen’s birthday, people start full swing preparations. Throughout Thailand, people hoist national flags on their houses and adore their houses with portraits and paintings of Her Majesty.All the important places and buildings are decorated with lights, portraits and garlands. In the capital, roads’ leading to the grand palace and the surrounding area is adorned with colorful lights, garlands and fire work preparations. Fire work display adds special attraction to the event.On the morning of Mother’s Day, government servants, royal army, students, teachers and other important personalities gather at tower clock, take the form of a procession and walk to the Palace; singing, dancing and playing bands. On reaching the Palace, they present flowers to Queen’s representative and sing “Mother of the Kingdom” in her honor. In the evening party, government servants lit candles.The Thai people also honor their own mother’s for their unique love and care. People give alms to the needy for the well being of their mothers. Thai kids kneel before their mothers to show their honor and loyalty to their mothers. Jasmine flowers are regarded as mother’s day flowers in Thailand. White jasmine flower has been opted as the mother day flower for Thailand because they believe that its white color is a sign of purity and eternity of mother’s love.The Thai children present flower arrangements for mother’s day, Thailand as a token of their love and attachment with their mothers. Online and local florists make record mother’s day flower delivery to Thailand. Flower delivery for mother’s day in Thailand is the most important concern of each local and online florist. Children order flowers for mother’s day for Thailand, days before the event. The off shore Thais also send mother’s day flowers to Thailand , to make their presence felt at this important day.Mother’s day in Thailand is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm on every 19th of August. However, this celebration has nothing to do with the US celebration of Mother’s day. The Thai people celebrate their queen’s birthday and thank her for her love and care. Whole of the Thailand is decorated with flowers, colorful l lights and fireworks displays. People also honor their own mothers for their matchless love and support. They gift her flowers and kneel before her; honoring her and making her feel special.Sharleen DevidWorking in aMothers Day Flowers Delivery to Thailandwebsite. Especially forMothers Day Flowers Delivery to Canada