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music player
Fancy Stylish Gift for Father- Fashionable gift for Dad on Father’s Day to say “Congratulations”
Please help!!need to get something for my dad, a fancy-dancy saucy stylish guy who’s not even thinking of retirement and is always on top and wants to know/have everything that is currently on top and in.. wow! what are your suggestions?
Need Father's Day Gift Idea – Affordable!!- Humorous gift for Dad on Father’s Day to say “Congratulations”
hey, I’ve just got out of school and spent way too much money on other stuffi need to get something for my dad, but don’t have too much cash leftwhat is a cheap but still nice gift to a dad? i mean not cheap but rather affordable, yeah…
Father's Day – A Gift To Remember- Inspirational gift for Dad on Father’s Day to say “Thinking of You”
Hey all,I’d love to ask about the really-really best gifts for dads that you have ever managed to come up with. Either big or small, expensive or affordable, hand-made perhaps… whateverIt’s sooo hard to shop for dads and you always want your gift to be the most special, year in year out
Father's Day – Gift from Son- Humorous gift for Dad on Father’s Day to say “Congratulations”
Hey,here comes Father’s Day and I need to get a gift for my dad. see I’m a good son and all that stuff, but I moved away a while ago and we kinda don’t talk much and allI’m thinking of something useful for an active guy as my dad who just retired. i know it’s tough to pick something useful if you don’t talk to each other and dont really know what’s going on and stuff..well any ideas from you guys?
Live Green Commitment Card
You can make the so-called “live green” commitment cards – each will be different, but all centered around this “live green” idea, and distribute them among your friends. They will need to follow the “commitment” written on their card for the whole next year 🙂
Small House Plant
Get some small house plants in pots – some cute cacti or whatever, you can even take a tip cutting off your plants at home and plant them into smaller pots. This will probably be more time consuming, but your girlfriends will definitely appreciate your time and efforts!
Ipod Nano with camera
You can give her the new model of iPod Nano which now has a built-in camera and a more polished look. It’s more than a music player for her.
Zune player for dentist
you can give your dentist a zune player or any mp3 player or music player so he or she can play music or movies for her patients when they are still waiting for their next turn or while your dentist is bored. Music can really color the place.
Music player with all his fave songs in it
If you have a big budget, then this is a perfect gift for your music enthusiast loved ones.