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Christmas in the Philippines
Mothers Day in New Zealand
Mothers day celebration in Canada
Mothers Day in Japan and flowers
Send flowers Canada through Canadian florist
Personalized Silver Picture Frame and Clock
Gift to a Couple – Culture-Neutral- Personalized gift for Couple to say “Thank You”
Dear Friends,we would like to ask for your opinion or advice on what to give to a couple who we have recently befriended. They are young people, newly-weds so to say, and very-very sweet. They come from a different culture and unfortunately we do not know all the aspects about gift giving and the appropriateness of different gifts as seen by them. What would be a nice gift for them as we are invited to dine at their house? Something rather neutral but still expressing our appreciation and sincere friendship?Thank you
Send Valentines Day flowers to Canada from no matter where you are
Dinner at a Fine Restaurant
just make sure you both would enjoy it
A Gift Expressing Love – Personalized gift for Him on Valentines Day to say “I Love You”
It’s actually the first St. Valentine’s when I’m not hard up and can spend more on a gift for my husband. But I really don’t know what I would like him to have or what he wants to have. And I don’t know if he wants me to spend so much money on it.. Any ideas? I’ll be very grateful!