Program Manager Standard. Today, I would like to draw you attention to the Global Alliance for Project Performance Standards. (GAPPS), and the exposure draft of their program manger standard. They are seeking feedback and I recommend that you review the exposure draft if you are new in project and program management. From http://www.globalpmstandards.org/ Exposure Draft Review Exposure Draft Program Manager Standards As program management has become a more widely recognized management approach, government, individuals, and both public and private sector organizations have become interested in frameworks and standards that describe levels of acceptable workplace performance for program personnel. GAPPS has published performance-based competency standards for program managers as an Exposure Draft. We invite comments on the standards. Click the link below to download the Standards. Then, please complete the Survey Link below. The feedback can be divided into three parts

  • General Comments
  • Comments on the role description (section 3. of the exposure draft standard standard)
  • Commentary on specific units, elements or performance criteria
  • You can leave as many comments as possible. If you have more comments than there is space for, you can return to the survey and complete it again. If you don’t have any comments for one section, click the submit button and move on to the next step. http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/WEB22B6R5JG452