Project Change Management

My boss found in a magazine that developers who use “___” programming languages are twice as productive. He bought us a copy and cut down our schedule by half.
This is a classic example of how to implement change without getting buy-in from stakeholders.
Most project managers have to use informal authority and leadership in order to get things done. You are more likely to engage people and lead change by not having line management authority.
It is the best way to get a change implemented is to make the impacted care team(s) aware. It should be their idea. Find someone influential on your team and get them excited about it. Let the change begin within the team, and then you will be responsible for making things happen the way they want them to.
Although this programming language may be twice as efficient as others, it is only as good and as well-written as the developer who wrote it. Software project management requires that your team has a good understanding of the language being used. It is foolish to try to force a new language on them and expect immediate results.
If you do it right, it takes time. It is not a good idea to flip a switch. Expose the team to the benefits over time. Encourage them to discover the benefits for themselves and to become more interested. Get them books that they can read and do their own research.
The bottom line is: good project management requires good change management skills.? Your project teams can make change a motivating and positive experience.