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Gift Ideas for everyone and every occassion- Sentimental gift for a Family to say “”
Everyone is always looking for great gift ideas for someone who’s hard to buy for, or someone who has everything. Everyone should consider doing something special for everyone. A gift from the heart is always better. There’s a book called: The Ultimate Guide to Great Gift Ideas by Jamie Shaffer, on amazon.com, it’s a great book (reference guide) and has gift suggestions to buy, and has clever homemade gift baskets which are also great, but the bookincludes a list of free and low cost gift ideas under each hobby and holiday.lipstick for colleague

you can give your former colleague a new lipstick or any cosmetic item. she might need it for her next job.
Last day of employment- Sentimental gift for Her to say “I Miss You”
My close office mate will soon be leaving/ resigning from our office because she will return to her Hometown where her family is there. We will be having a “Despedida Party” for her, I want to give her something sentimental and worth remembering. As of to date, i don’t know yet what to give.
"I Miss You"
She’ll surely love this gift.
Musical Stuff Toy
A musical stuff toy that surely get rid of loneliness.
A box of assorted cookies and brownies
you can give your friend a box of assorted cookies and brownies; expressing your sincere apology through food. 🙂 its the classic way yet still the most effective way of saying you’re sorry.
Birthday blow out- Sentimental gift for Her on Birthday to say “I Miss You”
My friend will celebrate her birthday on November and she’ll have a birthday blow out for her relatives and friends. Although it will be a great day to celebrate, it will be sad to know that she’ll also be leaving the country after a week. I want to help her on her birthday blow out and putting more personalized items on the venue and want to give her the most special gift or at least something that she’ll remember and bring when she leave the country. any suggestions please?
I am sorry and I miss you my friend VICKY- Sentimental gift for Boy to say “I’m Sorry”
I am sorry and I miss you my friend VICKY
Aunt's Birthday- Sentimental gift for Her on Birthday to say “I Miss You”
My aunt will be celebrating her 53rd birthday this coming June 24.She has been out of our reach for the past 5 years. And we missed her a lot, she’s been away from the family due to a misunderstanding among the siblings. We, her nieces would like to create bridge for reconciliation , and celebrate her birthday with her, what’s the best gift we could give her? thanks for inspiring.
personalized coffee mug
This custom coffee mug gives a different kind of ownership to someone because it is especially made. You can put a love letter for your Dad on how the family love him through the years.To make it more personalized, you can put a fun photo of him.