Solution Architect vs Developer Associate

AWS Certified Developer exam and AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam, both associate-level certification exams offered through AWS — they are popular choices for IT professionals who want to transition into cloud-related jobs.
It can be difficult to know where to start if you are new to AWS or the cloud. These certificates, despite their name, won’t help you get a job in the AWS ecosystem as a solution architect or developer. You can open many career doors by gaining the skills you learn while studying for the exams. Even better, we offer all the AWS training you need to succeed.
Although there is overlap in topics between AWS Certified Developer exams and AWS Certified Solutions Architect exams there are significant differences between the two exams. These distinctions will help you advance your career in cloud computing. This article will help guide you in choosing the right exam for your career goals.
How to Choose the Right AWS Exam
There are many factors that can help you choose which AWS certification you should pursue. Your current skills and your desired career are the most important.
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Start training These exams are however sufficiently different. Both exams will help you prepare for a variety of AWS careers, from advisory to development work.
Your experience in traditional IT functions like networking, security, server management and Linux administration will help you understand how these services operate. The solutions architect exam is a better place to begin because your experience will allow you to understand cloud environments, which is one key topic in the exam.
The developer associate exam is for you if you have programming, scripting or QA experience. You will learn about AWS’s developer tools and gain confidence in building with AWS while preparing for the exam.
If you have written code in the past, you should prepare to take the developer exam. This will allow you to learn about the tools and techniques required to deploy and develop solutions in AWS. The AWS solutions architect exam is a great way to get the foundation you need to pursue a career in cloud engineering or architecture.
Factor in Your Career Goals
No matter your background, you may have career goals that motivate and inspire you to learn AWS. This can help you choose the right AWS exam for yourself.
There are many jobs that require programming skills or more technical knowledge if you are interested in writing code. These include programming serverless functions and managing AWS resources programmatically. This is what you should do if you are interested in this career. You can also consider career options in DevOps, cloud automation, and development as you prepare for the developer test.
The solutions architect exam is for you if you are more interested working with AWS offerings and the big picture. You will gain a solid understanding of key topics, such as how users and AWS service providers are authorized to use AWS services, and how to build optimal AWS architectures. You can use the knowledge gained while studying for the solutions architect exam to get into AWS operations, governance, or administration.
Take into account your personality
Finally, even if you don’t have a career goal, it is important to understand your personality. This will help you choose the right career path for you.
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