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Pen Light
Pen Light
Basket of Teacher's Favorite Fruits
Make your teacher feel special on her birthday by giving her a basket of her favorite fruits. This is a healthy yet thoughtful gift to give your beloved teacher.
Personalized Coffee Mug
Personalized Coffee Mug
Ice Cream
Ice Cream
Homemade Cookies
If there’s someone in your class who knows how to bake, why not give homemade cookies? 🙂
Birthday Cake
Surprise your teacher with a birthday cake!
Our Teacher's Birthday-gift for Him on Birthday to say “”
Our teacher’s birthday is coming up. It’s gonna be this Friday. So the whole class is thinking of a nice gift that we could give our dear teacher. Do you guys have any good ideas on what we could give? It’s a class effort so we’ll all pitch in to be able to buy the gift. Thanks in advance!
Eraser for your teacher
Nice gift for teachers and instructors. Just make sure you give them one in their favorite color.
Gifts for my teachers-gift foron Christmas to say “”
Hello everyone. What are good gift ideas for teachers? It’s almost Christmas and I want to give my teachers a gift.