TeamGantt Is 2x Faster Now!

Your job as a project manager depends on your ability to move quickly, get as much done each day as possible. We want to help you achieve that. We recently switched to Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is a cloud-based computing platform. While we won’t bore you with all the details, this move has some great benefits.
Performance is faster
Amazon’s Ohio datacenter is already up and running, so you should be able 2x as fast in TeamGantt. Here’s a snapshot of the speed difference between the week before and after we switched:
Next is to add another data center in London. This should be completed very soon. You’ll experience an even greater speed boost if you live or work in Europe and Asia.
Better scalability
Before this move, TeamGantt had reached its maximum capacity. Our servers are now able to scale in real-time. We’ll handle spikes in traffic so you can keep your business running as usual.
More redundancy
By switching to AWS, we have effectively quadrupled the redundancy of our data centers. This is why it matters: If one datacenter crashes or is hit by an unplanned disaster, another can take over with minimal impact on your uptime. You can keep your projects moving toward the finish line!
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