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Thank You
Personalized Silver Picture Frame and Clock
Gift to a Couple – Culture-Neutral- Personalized gift for Couple to say “Thank You”
Dear Friends,we would like to ask for your opinion or advice on what to give to a couple who we have recently befriended. They are young people, newly-weds so to say, and very-very sweet. They come from a different culture and unfortunately we do not know all the aspects about gift giving and the appropriateness of different gifts as seen by them. What would be a nice gift for them as we are invited to dine at their house? Something rather neutral but still expressing our appreciation and sincere friendship?Thank you
Attending Church Together
Easter Basket with a Personal Touch
Easter Gift to Bf's Mom- Spiritual gift for Her to say “Thank You”
I’ve been going out with my boyfriend for almost two years and I met his mom several months ago. She was extremely nice to me and especially since now we’ve been spending so much time together with my bf, we will be over for Easter at his home. I don’t know what to give to his mom.. I mean I could get a nice Easter basket for her, but just wanted to ask you guys about some other ideas suitable for this. His mom is a devout Christian and lives by spirit and bf said that Easter is one of their favorite family holidays. Please help..
Big headbands as giveaways
you can add big headbands to your giveaways like what actresses are wearing today.
Colorful Flip Flops for Teens
Colorful Flip Flops for Teens
Cute Messenger Bag Giveaways
Cute Messenger Bag Giveways
All-time Favorite Goodies in Personalized Bowls
All-time Favorite Goodies in Personalized Bowls
Lanyard with Cellphone Pouch
Lanyard with Cellphone Pouch