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The Chinese Spring Festival
The Lunar New year or Spring Festival is one of the most popular holidays in China. This festival begins on the first day of the Chinese New Year and continues for about fifteen days. There are several myths and traditions related to this festival and it basically shows what people believed in the most and how they behaved.There are many special traditions that the Chinese follow on this day, but for each region of China there is a variation in the way that these are followed. While some use all their money to buy special gifts, decoration and clothing others sweep the entire house to sweep-away any ill-fortune from coming in the way of their luck. Feasts of ducks, pigs and chickens are prepared on this day and is eaten amongst family. Some families decorate their windows and doors with red decorations. Children are given money from their parents in red envelopes and they must wish their parents a happy new year. All kind of grudges are to be forgotten and peace and happiness is to be wished upon everyone.Lanterns, spring scrolls, clothing, decoration and flowers are all done in red in relation to the popular Chinese myth of Nien, a mythical beast. It was said that he would come in the beginning of every New Year to attack food and people living in China. To save themselves, the Chinese would keep food at their doorstep so that Nien would take it and leave. One day they saw that Nien got scared of the color red for which reason the Chinese use red as a major color in their Spring Festival.Some people have responsibilities and jobs which do not allow them to be present with their family on this special part of the year. However, one can always let them know that they are being remembered by sending them special gifts. You can send flowers to China and let them make up for the lack of your presence. Flowers are a beautiful and meaningful gift which brings joy and happiness to everyone. Not only are they sweet-smelling, but they are very appealing as well. There soft and delicate flowers only make them more tempting to touch.You can send flowers to China through online services that use the best florist in China to get them delivered. Special arrangements by the florist in China are displayed on the website for you to choose from and so that you can be a hundred percent sure about what you are ordering. During the spring festival some of the popular flowers used by the Chinese are Chrysanthemums to symbolize longevity, Narcissus for prosperity and Sunflowers which mean have a good year. All you need is a couple of minutes and with a few clicks your order has been placed. Most online services allow you to send flowers to China within the same day.Use these small, but gorgeous gifts to send to your loved ones on such holidays. Even if you have friends in China you can send them such gifts as a symbol of remembrance and care. Flowers from you are bound to bring joy and happiness to your loved ones.
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