Top 10 Project Management Apps for Marketing Teams

Marketing teams can use project management apps to improve their workflows.
Marketing professionals often manage multiple projects simultaneously and worry about deadlines, deliverables, as well as keeping track of time-sensitive campaigns planning.
Gartner research shows that 31% of marketing leaders believe that lack of flexibility and agility in their teams can impact their ability to execute marketing projects on time and deliver positive results.
How can we increase agility and efficiency within a marketing team? Technology is the answer. A marketing project management system can dramatically improve the ability of marketers to manage projects, manage deadlines, collaborate with clients, and track communication.
This article lists the top 10 marketing software programs (sorted alphabetically) based upon user reviews and ratings. (Read the complete methodology here.
1Airtable: Customized workflows
Airtable is a project management tool that allows marketers to create custom workflows and have a single source for truth for all their projects.
This software will allow you to keep track of all your creative assets, campaign information, and content pieces as a marketer. The dashboard allows you to attach images and videos, make comments, tag people, and tag people. This will allow you to keep all communication in one spot.
Airtable also provides automation for recurring tasks like creative requests, calendar invites, publishing posts on social media platforms, and publishing posts.
Built-in reporting allows you to create and analyze campaign performance, budget and resource management, as well as share metrics and results with the team.
Airtable provides chat and email support. Airtable is web-based with a mobile app available for Android and iOS.
*Analysis valid as of May 20222Asana provides a timeline view of projects
Asana is a project- and task-management platform that simplifies marketing processes for you, your team and yourself.
Asana allows you to create marketing objectives and list them on a dashboard. You can then share them with your team and set clear goals. The dashboard allows you to track progress, priority, timeline, people, and people involved in your objectives.
Software also helps to balance your team’s workload by distributing tasks among teammates. Once a task has been completed, you can review it and approve it together from the dashboard.
Asana provides chat, email, as well as phone support. The software is web-based with a mobile app available for Android and iOS.
*Analysis valid as of May 20223Coda creates templates to measure campaign outcomes
Coda is a document-management tool that allows you to consolidate all your work. Coda allows you to create one document to store all information, track every project and person associated with it, and organize your tasks.
As your work increases and your team size increases, you can further develop the document and create standup notes and roadmaps as well as briefings for marketing teams.
Coda also offers customizable templates that can be used to measure campaign results, create objectives and key outcomes (OKRs), and help your team prioritize. Your team can update the dashboard with real-time status updates once a task has been completed.
Coda offers email and chat support. The software is web-based with a mobile app available for Android and iOS.
*Analysis correct as of May 20224Evernote Team: Integrates multiple third-party tools
Evernote Teams is a document- and task-management tool that allows your team to collaborate on projects and share files from any device.
Software allows you to manage all your tasks, notes, and schedules from one place. You can also create custom workflows and add people to them to collaborate on projects. You can also add images and videos to your documents to make them more interactive.
Evernote Teams integrates with several third-party services