Top certification in cloud security

In recent years, the cloud computing industry has experienced rapid growth. Every day, more organizations are adopting cloud-based services. The cloud is a powerful platform that has radically changed the way organizations work. Organizations are now implementing cloud-based infrastructure and programming to better utilize their resources and reduce costs. Many companies have realized the benefits of cloud-based technology. It has revolutionized the IT environment.
Enterprises still have to be concerned about the security of their IT infrastructure and other valuable assets. Cloud security is becoming a necessity as more organizations move to cloud services. Cloud security professionals with the necessary skills to secure the cloud framework and protect consumers’ information have been in high demand.
A cloud security certification will give you a deeper understanding of the field and help you to be a successful professional in this rapidly expanding market. We have covered the top cloud security certifications that will help you build a successful career within the cloud security field.
Certificate of cloud security knowledge
The first credential in the industry for cloud security is Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK). It is a knowledge-based certificate that was created by the Cloud security alliance (CSA). It is designed to ensure that a large amount of professionals are aware and can implement the best security precautions to protect cloud computing. It is a top-rated cloud computing certification program.
The certification certifies that a candidate is able to create and secure the cloud environment, while adhering with the accepted standards worldwide. Candidates learn how to use the best security measures and manage cloud security governance and security controls.
Domains that are covered by CCSK
Cloud computing concepts and architecture
Governance and risk management
Electronic discovery, legal issues contracts and legal issues
Audit management and compliance
Information governance
Business continuity and management plane
Security of the infrastructure
Container virtualization
Incidence response
Application security
Data security and encryption
Management of Identity, Access and Entitlement
Security as a Service
Similar technologies
Cloud Control Matrix
ENISA Recommendations
CCSK Exam Details: CCSK is a web-based exam. It can be taken anywhere. To pass the exam successfully, candidates must attempt 60 multiple-choice (MCQ) questions in 90 minutes. Candidates must score 80%. The English language version of the exam is available.
Referred experience or Knowledge
Although no work experience is necessary, it is recommended that you have a basic understanding about security fundamentals like firewalls, encryption, access management, and security developments.
Certified cloud security professional (CCSP).
The internationally recognized certification of cloud security professional (CCSP), is developed by (ISC.2) and the Cloud Security Alliance. The certification demonstrates the holder’s ability to design, manage and protect data, applications and architecture in a cloud environment. It also complies with established policies, procedures, and practices. The following are the benefits of a CCSP certification:
Certification provides you Instant Credibility.
It is a way to be recognized in the industry.
The CCSP certification confirms that you are better equipped to protect sensitive information in a cloud-based environment.
It will increase your employability and help secure a higher job in your company.
Domains included in CCSP certification and the weightage in examination
Domain 1. Cloud