Top IT Certifications for 2020

Information Technology can lead to a rewarding, creative, and productive career. IT professionals understand how important certifications to advance their careers are. There are millions of certifications available and there is something for everyone. We will now discuss the top certifications that will increase your salary and job profile in the current year.

Project Management Certification
It is a crucial task across all industries. You need to be able to execute a successful venture as an individual or as an organization. There are many project management certifications available to gauge your competence. CIO lists the following key certifications:
Scrum Master
Six Sigma
Prince 2

These certifications require you to have at least three years experience in project management. These certifications can be a great way to improve your CV and increase your income. An average Project Management Certified professional earns between 91,000 and 115,000 dollars per year. These certifications aren’t industry-specific, so you can easily get recognized by huge brands like Phillips and IBM.
Cloud Certifications
Cloud computing skills are highly sought after by IT professionals. 40% of merchandise is under pressure to find competent staff. This is a great opportunity for professionals who are able to prove their knowledge through recognized certifications. These are some of the top cloud certifications this year:
AWS Certified Solutions Architect
Microsoft Certified Solution Expert

Prerequisites include knowledge of core services and cloud computing fundamentals. Some certifications require at least 2 to 3 years’ experience. These certifications cost between 200 and 900 US dollars on average. The average salary for a cloud architect is 124 000 US dollars.
Cybersecurity Certification
There are many certifications that can give you an advantage in Cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is more important than ever for computing and the internet. Cybersecurity certifications cover a variety of fields, including attack mitigation and penetration testing.
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