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Potted Plant for my Girlfriend-gift for Her on Valentines Day to say “I Love You”
My girlfriend told me that she prefers to receive a potted plant instead of a flower bouquet this coming Valentine’s Day. Can you suggest some potted plants that I could give to my girlfriend? I’m not a plant person so I have no idea what plant to give. I’m afraid to end up giving her something ugly so I really need your help. Thanks!
Big Red Lollipops
It’s big, it’s red, it’s yummy. Kids would surely love it!
How to present my V-Day surprise-gift foron Valentines Day to say “”
I recently found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant and I’m thinking of giving out the news to my husband as my V-day surprise. I want to capture his reaction when he finds out the good news. Do you guys have any suggestions on how should I surprise my husband? I want it to be creative and unique.
Romantic Song for our Dinner Date on V-day-gift foron Valentines Day to say “”
Hi everyone. I’m planning to have a dinner date with my girlfriend this Valentine’s Day. To make it more romantic, I’m thinking of having a background music while we’re dining. The dinner would be held in my place so I have to set the ambiance. Please help me think of some romantic songs. Thanks in advance.
Red Shirts
Spread the V-Day fever with these red shirts.
No time to prepare for Valentine's Day-gift for Her on Valentines Day to say “”
I have a very very hectic schedule due to my work. Valentine’s Day is coming up and I really want to make my girlfriend feel really special. But because of my schedule, I don’t know how to go about it. I really need your suggestions. Thanks!
Perfect gift for your outgoing boyfriend.
A Nice Jacket
Give your special friend something that he could use on your next night out.
Wacky Bedroom Slippers
Give your guy something comfy and wacky at the same time.
Charm Bracelet
Your girlfriend would surely look more fab with this charm bracelet.