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Valentine's day
Hiking together as an alternative date on Valentine's Day
one nice alternative to the usual dinner date on Valentine’s Day is by hiking together in the woods or mountains or short trails. You can enjoy each others company and talk about lots of things. Hiking is also an exercise so you’re practically partners in putting healthy activities on your schedule. You can also breathe well and are at peace with your own selves because looking at green keeps you in touch with nature and lets you appreciate Mother Earth more. So, it’s a healthy, nature-loving date. Did I mention romantic? ;p
Gift for blind date this Valentine's Day- Humorous gift for Him on Valentines Day to say “Thank You”
My friends have been insisting that I should go on a blind date this Valentine’s Day and I have finally said yes. So, they’re arranging the date for me. Even if I’m not really into blind dates because i hate surprises. But i also don’t like to appear aloof or something so I’m planning to give a simple gift to my supposed to be blind date. Just a token that I appreciate that he’s also agreed to date someone he doesn’t know especially that he’ll get to spend it with me than with his family and friends. I also don’t want to send signals that I will get to like him.Clothes
Boyfriend Arm Pillow
Boyfriend Arm Pillow
Girlfriend Pillow
Girlfriend Pillow
Favorite Brand of Chocolate
All-time favorite chocolate brand
Nice Pair of Sneakers
Nice Pair of Sneakers
Gift for an Unofficial Boyfriend on Hearts Day-gift for Him on Valentines Day to say “Thinking of You”
I’ve been exclusively dating a guy for about 2 months now. We’re not yet formally on as boyfriend-girlfriend but things seems to be going that way. Anyway, I plan to give him something on Valentine’s Day. I want my gift to be romantic yet not mushy since we’re both outgoing and fun-loving people who don’t really enjoy mushy stuff. Please help me think of a nice gift for my unofficial boyfriend.
Russian Tea Cookies
These cookies are delicious and they also have a long shelf life.
A good gift for V-day.