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World Environment Day Party- Wacky gift for Her to say “Let’s Party”
Hello Everybody,me and a couple of my girlfriends are throwing a party this weekend – the theme is World Environment Day! We are gonna have fun, play some games and do some funny quizzes.I also wanna surprise my friends and bring some tokens or really small gifts that would go as prizes in our small contests.I would really appreciate any of your advice about these small but cute things that would also have some connection with the general theme of the party – World Environment Day.Thank you Mucho!!
Old vacuum cleaner
Christmas Gifts – Not Exactly Wanted- Wacky gift for Him on Christmas to say “Congratulations”
Hey guys! Since Christmas is over, I thought we could remember the gifts which we received and which appeared to be sort of “out of place”, or simply not wanted. I can’t call them bad gifts, as usually a person who’s given a gift to you, had only good intentions, but sometimes this is just not enough to make someone happy. So yeah, lets share our experience of receiving “not very good” gifts 🙂
Men's Perfume
Men’s perfume for him to wear on the party.
comfy shoes for him
Cream Crackers- Wacky gift for Him on Birthday to say “Let’s Party”
i was looking forward to meeting my friend’s new boyfriend, Paul. I have been invited to have dinner with them in their new pad.It is a double celebration for both the couple. it is their pad’s warming and Paul’s 34th birthday. Paul is a lover of vegetables and crackers , my friend Mitchel is an athlete. What is the best gift I could share to them on this double celebration day.Please help thanks
Anniversary Cupcakes
Anniversary Cupcakes
Photo Frame
Photo Frame
Noodle Dish for More Years of Togetherness
Noodle Dish for More Years of Togetherness
An Anniversary Gift for a Disabled Couple- Wacky gift for Couple on Anniversary to say “Let’s Party”
I have been very inspired by my neighbor who despite of their physical incapacity manage to stay married for 24 years. Their anniversary is coming up and I want to give them a small token just by inspiring me. Any idea is welcomed. Thanks in advance!