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Did you know that Queen Victoria started the Western world’s white wedding dress trend in 1840? Before then, brides simply wore their best dress.
Did you also know that Solomon married 700 wives? (I Kings 11:3)
Wedding traditions may vary between cultures but its symbolism is still the same. It symbolizes the union of two people in mind, body, and spirit.
cute wedding
a nice and cozy place to have a wedding ceremony
simple wedding
simple yet elegant wedding
Festive Flower Arrangements
a festive flower arrangements
Evening Bags
Exquisite evening bags for the sponsors.
Stylish Secret- Inspirational gift for Her on Wedding to say “Congratulations”
Kristine Tan , My cousin – best friend would be having her wedding this year. She would like to have her dream wedding that doesn’t have to break the bank. They have discuss how much both willing and able to spend with her future husband and have list of their expenses ready. I wanted to help my cousin to establish priorities is important in keeping their budget in check, tips from chic brides online are very much welcome, on how you have succeeded at having incredible weddings, while watching your expenses.
Visa gift card for the couple
you can give the couple a visa gift card because its accepted globally, so if they don’t have time to go to malls to shop because of a tight schedule then they can use the visa gift card to purchase abroad.
Personalized Handmade Wedding Keepsake Box
Personalized Handmade Wedding Keepsake Box
Meaningful Book About Marriage
Meaningful Book About Marriage
Wedding Gift for Oversea-based Couple-gift for Couple on Wedding to say “Congratulations”
One of my friends, who’s based overseas, is getting married next month in our home country. It’s been customary for us to give gifts to marrying couples. However, in my friend’s case, she’s based abroad and so it would not be practical to give her the usual wedding presents. I also do not want to give her money. Instead, I want to give her and her future husband something that they can keep during their marriage. But it has to be handy and convenient to bring back with them when they go back abroad. Any ideas?
A necktie would be good for mids 20 men especially those who are working.