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When Is Rakhi in 2015
India is the land of festivals. Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is one of those festivals which are celebrated throughout the nation. It’s not only just any festival, Rakhi holds an immense significance of the life of the people of India. It is about that sacred bond a brother shares with his sister and vice versa. It’s the time a sister walks the extra miles to protect her brother from every odd in life and the brother, in return, promises to keep her safe and happy. With the tide of time, online Rakhi gifts have become as important as the ritual of tying the sacred thread around the wrist of the brothers. Online gifting because with the passage of time, life has not been the same like it used to be a few decades ago. So, today, a sister connects with her brother on Rakhi through virtual connectivity when meeting physically is not possible.
We are living on a true global village where you and your family reside in two different halves of the globe. Therefore, enjoying a festival like Rakhi together does not sound easy or possible due to career commitments etc. Hence the only best solution is online gifting availing which a sister from abroad can send Rakhi to India whereas the brother can send Rakhi return gifts to her sister. But before you proceed with your online gifts planning, let’s know when is Rakhi in 2015? Here’s the date -Aug 29, 2015, Saturday
Traditionally, Rakhi falls on the full moon day of the Hindu calendar month of Shravana. On this auspicious day, every sister in India keeps a fast and prepares for a puja or worshipping of the deities. After the puja is being done, the sister performs a beautiful ritual of tying the Rakhi thread on the right wrist of the brother. This tying the knot describes the term Raksha Bandhan. The brother, in turn, take vows to protect his caring and loving sister throughout the life and gifts her small tokens of love. If you are the one looking for sending online Rakhi gifts then you would be glad to know that the internet has thousands of options to offer you.
For sending Rakhi to India, you can go to your favourite search engine and search with the desired keyword. As you will be given a list of websites offering this online gifting options, you can browse through the sites to understand what’s in their offerings, compare the prices, see the delivering options and other important factors before taking a decision.
Upon a thorough research, once you are convinced about a site, its service and reputation, you can go ahead to place your order of sending Rakhi to India. To avoid any last minute rush or unavailability of your desired product, it is wiser to place your order a few weeks ago. Thus, your order is placed and on its way to get delivered to your brother or sister. So, now you when when is Rakhi in 2015 and how to send Rakhi to India easily.
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