AWS Enhances Its Certification Offerings

Amazon Web Services (AWS), recently added two specialty exams to its certification program. It also offers structured benefits and a central portal for those who are working towards AWS certifications.
The AWS Training and Certification Portal was announced last week. It allows users to manage their AWS training, exam registrations, and certifications from one location.
In a blog post, Jeff Barr, AWS evangelist, stated that “previously you had to rely upon multiple websites to locate and manage training and certification offers.” “Now you have one central location where you can enroll in AWS Training, register to take AWS Certification exams, track and receive benefits based on AWS Certifications that you have earned.”
AWS has recently increased the number of specialty certifications available for users by adding the Advanced Networking exam and Big Data exam.
AWS offers three levels of certification: Associate, Specialty, and Professional. Two new exams were announced Tuesday. They are Specialty exams. Test takers must have at least five years’ experience in the subject area and an Associate certification.
Information about the Advanced Networking specialty exam including test format and requirements can be found here. The Big Data specialty exam information can also be found here. Each exam comes with a $300 registration fee.
AWS also announced a new benefits program to its certified professionals.
Barr wrote Tuesday in a blog post that tiered AWS Certification Benefits are designed to highlight your accomplishment and further advance AWS expertise. They include new AWS Certified logos, digital badges and digital certificates, free practice exams, branded merchandise and transcript sharing. Based on the AWS Certifications that you have earned, benefits can be accessed. The more AWS Certifications you pass, the more benefits will you receive.