AWS Solutions Architect Associate – Should I Take AWS SAA C02 or SAA C03 Exam?

Many candidates who are interested in the role of AWS Solution Architect face the dilemma of having to choose between AWS SAA C02 or SAA C03. Both versions are acceptable for the AWS Solutions Architect certification. AWS recently extended the expiration dates for its SAA-C02 exam by six month. Candidates are now concerned about which exam they will choose from, the old or the new.
The main difference between SAA C02 and SAA C03 is that SAA C03 is the new AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification test. Many candidates may have decided to take SAA-C03 as the SAA C02 exam was retiring on August 29th 2022. Which one is better? This discussion will help you make an educated decision between the two options available to you in order to become an AWS Solutions Architect Associate.
Why should I choose an exam for AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification certification?
Before we get into the reasons why you should choose AWS SAA C02 or SAA C03, let’s first remember some facts. First, the SAA-C02 exam is available until August 29th 2022. You have plenty of time to study the SAA-C02 study manual and prepare for the exam.

Candidates can still obtain a certification that is valid three years after passing the SAA-C02 exam. The release date of SAA-C02 occurred on March 23, 2020. The AWS SAA C02 and SAA C03 would now be available simultaneously for a brief period of time, up to August 29th 2022. You can now see why you should be interested in the debate about SAA-C02 and SAA-C03.
There are differences between the SAA C02 and SAA C03 Exams
It is possible to make a positive decision by looking at the differences between SAA C02 and SAA C03. The exam format will not change and the number of questions will most likely remain the same.

Content Outline
The content outline, i.e. the domains covered in exams, is very different. For example, the SAA C02 exam has four domains. In the case aws SAA c03, four domains are available. However, the weightage of the new SAA C03 exam is different.
As a result, there are significant changes in the weighting of other domains in SAA-C03 certification exam. The domain of designing resilient architectures saw a significant change, going from 30% to 26%.
Exam Format
Candidates might be interested in learning about the differences between exam formats in AWS SAA C02 and SAA C03 exams. In fact, there is not much difference between the two exams. The format and style of questions in the SAA C03 exam are very similar. Most questions will have a scenario that is 1 to 2 lines long.
Candidates won’t have any difficulty understanding the format and style for the new SAA C03 exam. Candidates must also evaluate the response formats for any possible changes, especially when comparing SAA–C02 and SAA–C03 exams. The SAA-C03 exam has two response formats, just like the SAA–C02 exam.
Make the right decision
In this instance, candidates would be best to prepare for the SAA C03 exam. Why? Why? The new updated certification, SAA-C03 reflects the latest and greatest changes in AWS. AWS SAA C03 is the best choice for candidates who are looking for long-term career opportunities in AWS.
Tips for preparing for the AWS Solutions Architect Certification Exam
Let’s clear up your doubts about the SAA C02 vs SAA C03 exams. Now let’s focus on some tips to help you prepare for the exam that you choose.
Download the Exam Outline, and use it as your Study Guide
The SAA-C03 study book is the first and most important requirement for preparing for the AWS SAA C03 exam. If you are preparing for the exam, you will also need the study guide SAA-C02. The study guide provides recommended learning resources that will help you prepare for the exam.
The most important thing is to visit the official AWS certification site and download the exam outline. The exam outline will help you identify the topics covered in the exam and help you find the best learning materials.
Find Helpful Online Training Courses
Any candidate should then take the AWS SAA C02 or SAA C03 online training courses. You can choose the best training courses from trusted portals like Whizlabs depending on the exam you are taking. Online training courses can help you steer your preparations in a positive direction by giving you a clear understanding of exam objectives.
You can therefore specialize in the topics relevant to the exam without having the whole syllog.