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Home-made Cupcakes
Home-made Cupcakes
Should I give an anniversary gift?-gift for Him on Anniversary to say “I Love You”
Our anniversary in on the 25th of February. I already gave my boyfriend a gift last Valentine’s Day so I’m thinking whether to give him a gift on the 25th for our anniversary considering that I already gave a gift. What do you think?
What to wear on Valentine's Day-gift foron Valentines Day to say “”
We’ll be having a romantic dinner this Valentine’s Day and I want to surprise my boyfriend with a stunning outfit. I want to wear something that would make her jaw drop. What could I wear to stun him? Thanks for your suggestions .
A Romantic Stroll in the Park
Take him on a romantic stroll in the park on Valentine’s Day.
Valentine's Gift for someone who has everything-gift for Him on Valentines Day to say “I Love You”
I always have a hard time everytime I have to think of a gift for my boyfriend. Be it for his birthday, and other gift giving occasions such as Christmas, Anniversaries, and of course Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I still can’t think of a nice gift for my boyfriend. He’s into online gaming and anime. What could be a nice gift to give?
Picnic Lunch
Arrange a picnic lunch for your boyfriend this valentine’s day.
Thank You Gift for Boyfriend's Mom-gift for Mom to say “Thank You”
My boyfriend’s mom recently took my boyfriend and I to a 4-day vacation. I’d like to get her something as a way of thanking her for her generosity . She’s a really cool mom, and very fashionable too. I’d love to hear some suggestions from you before I make my final gift decision.
Handmade Photo Collage
Handmade Photo Collage – to document your precious moments together
I Love You Shirt
I Love You Shirt
He's not that romantic..-gift for Him on Valentines Day to say “”
My boyfriend is not really that romantic. He’s not the type of guy who would go all out for a girl. This would be our first ever Valentine’s Day as a couple and as early as now, I’m not keeping my hopes high for a sweet surprise from him. On the contrary, I’m the type of person who would go all out to make my special someone happy. I’m planning to give him a console game that he’s been eyeing for weeks. Do you think it’s unfair to give him a gift or not?