Inspiring Women in Tech: Making a Difference

Like so many other areas of the working world, tech used to be the preserve of men. This is changing. Women are making greater inroads into this important sector of the global economy. There is more to come, especially for younger generations, as STEM careers (science, technology, engineering and math) are promoted across gender lines.
Mentors and examples are a great way for young women to see the potential and find the motivation to pursue STEM careers. These women can help them think about how to structure a career or what the future holds for tech. This is true for both established tech companies like Google and newer ventures. Marcela Sapone, the founder of Hello Alfred won a new award for her innovative approach to personal home help.
What does the future look like for women in tech? This graphic will help you find out.
Kaylee White @ Ghergich & CoOriginal Post